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Weight Loss And Metabolism

Weight loss and the game of metabolism

Can you imagine that your diet can manage your metabolism? Surprised? The answer is yes. Don’t run behind pills to increase your metabolism. “A good food is the best tool to manage your metabolism”, explains Dietitian Gagan. Gagan has treated a number of clients around Chandigarh and even abroad with her online consultation and she talks about only one thing- A healthy diet which is customized and personalized according to your body type considering medical and physical condition and The body’s current BMR (Basal metabolic rate)

What is metabolism and BMR?

Metabolism is a process of how your food is digested and converted into energy. Faster the metabolism, faster is the conversion of carbs and fats into energy. It’s a chemical breakdown of larger cells into smaller cells. BMR is how many calories are required for your body while resting i.e without doing any physical activity.

It depends upon physical activity, pregnancy, and underlying disease. Always look into basal metabolic rate when you are talking about metabolism.

Energy is always required for your body and it comes from food. Let the option of food should be healthy.Carbohydrates are important but include the fats and proteins as well in your diet.

  • Diet should be according to the BMR. If you are just eating less without knowing your body’s minimum requirement that is BMR ( energy required for brain , heart, liver ) than you will gain your weight back after sometime and that is 100%.
  • 80% of the our clients and patients are cases of relapse , they don’t know about BMR and the most disappointing thing is Bmr and hormones are not in the text books of dietitians. Dieititian Gagan took a 1 year gap from her practice and researched about body hormones and metabolic system and now she became the Best Dietitian for Weight Loss with many awards !
  • You can increase your BMR slowly by increasing the food intake but under expert guidance so your weight doesn’t bounce back while improving the metabolic system. Increasing 80-100 kcal per week is advisable looking at the progress ! Exercise is also must along with the diet !

Don’t get fooled with the marketing gimmick that increases BMR, however, there is a scientific approach to make your metabolism better with increasing your BMR. Being a part of social awareness programs, Gagan’s every single diet plan follows this approach. There is should be good nutrition, not the food supplements like green tea or green coffee that can increase your metabolism. Follow the right guidance when it comes to maintaining your metabolism.

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