How Are we Different From Other Dietitians

How Are we Different From Other Dietitians

1.Only dietitian who is prescribing exercise plans along with the diet:

As Gagan and her team always discuss the importance of physical activity along with good diet, so is her facilities. Gagan is blessed with great exercise skills as well. She is providing gym and fitness classes to exclusive ladies. With exercise plans she has cured many clients in a reliable way.

2. Learning process along with the plans: 

 Learning should never end. A good learner is a successful human being. The more you learn, more you become ignorant. Gagan and her team is working hard to understand the process better. How to make the plans easily executable and effortless is always in back of our mind. Simple plans will be successful plans.

3. You make your own maintenance plan after achieving target:

Maintenance plan is equally important, because there is a chance of relapse. It’s just like after sales thing. We always emphasize to make sure that there should be minimal relapse. No doubt this approach starts from day 1 but keeping a tap afterwards make our workstyle more unique and ethical.

4. We do not promote or sell products:

Why to sell products when you have everything around you. If food has made you obese, food will make you fit. Gagan believes that our kitchen, surroundings and home remedies are the best solution. She even make possible to involve minimum use of equipments and make exercises at home possible.

5. Dual yet rare Reorganization: 

Gagan is the only dietitian who has been awarded as the best fitness expert also. Making balance between the two is an achievement in itself.

6.Focus on overall health and not just weight loss:

We don’t believe that thin people are healthy people. The people who are free from stress, leading a good lifestyle and who are away from diseases are healthy people. We focus on maintaining health than on weight loss only.

7.Reversed 10000 of cases of obesity, PCOS, thyroid:

Obesity, PCOS, thyroid is making a topic of worry these days. The numbers have increase over the period of time. But Gagan has found a fool proof method to get rid of these. Luckily she has treated over 10000 clients with these problems and reversed there problem without the use of any medicines.

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