Sushma: A role model for every Housewife.

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Sushma: A role model for every Housewife.

Sushma: A role model for every Housewife.

For all the housewives, Sushma can be a role model. Sushma who joined Gagan fitness from a vision to get healthy is leading a healthy lifestyle today. Sushma was no different from a regular housewife. She was busy with her kids, household duties and much more.

When she came to Gagan Fitness, she was full of negative thoughts, unhealthy body and full of lethargy. Her energy levels were low.  She had a headache and regular back pain as well.

When Sushma started the weight loss program, there was only one thing required, her will. Surprisingly, there is no fitness magic that can make you fit. There is no special diet that is required for weight loss. No fancy diet plans are required too. As per Gagan, if you are dedicated,our plans will give you 100% results as we design the plan according to your metabolic system and hormones so your body’s environment gets used to with the diet and you maintain your weight and good health for lifetime.  The best part of her diet plan was there is nothing additional required added Sushma.

She stayed at home, included only regular food. Gagan, helped here knowing healthy eating better. She never tried exercise earlier. With the help of a healthy diet, she became capable of doing exercise by her. The exercise which was a nightmare earlier is now Sushma’s regular part of the routine. It has become an effortless for her now.

As per Sushma, she was so impressed with her diet plans as it didn’t make her starve. She joined some other dietitian before who just sell them products of thousand of rupees and other dietitians just gave salads and fruits.. Now she says diet plans are simple, easy and contained enough food. There was no skipping meal thing. Her diet contains fat, ghee ,parantha as well !

Sushma, lost 10 kgs, in 3 months. Now she is energetic, including exercise. Her health issues are gone, and she is full of energy.

Tips of Housewives:

  1. Start your diet plans as soon as possible.
  2. There is nothing impossible. Everyone has time.
  3. Your kitchen has everything, there is no special food required for dieting
  4. Exercise is not that big issue, to include it into your daily routine.
  5. A perfect balance of diet and exercise will make you look healthy, smart and energetic.

Check out her link, how she made everything possible.

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