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  •  To overcome from liver problems and to promote Liver health naturally, you can include herbal liver supplements to live a healthy life.
  •  Liv-Herb is an ideal hepatoprotective supplement that provides support for hepatic detoxification, maintains integrity of liver cells and helps rejuvenate the liver.
  •  Liv-Herb is an Ayurvedic formulation of Kalmegh, Bhuiamla, Bhringraj, Tulsi, Punarnava, Guduchi which has antioxidant, immunostimulant, regenerative & hepatoprotective properties.
  •  It is specially formulated to support liver health, using herbal extracts. The time-tested and well-documented extracts contribute to maintain normal liver functions and digestion.
  •  This Ayurvedic liver support supplements are easy to consume and is more effective, owing to the method it works on the body. Thus, Liv-Herb tablets are one a great way to keep the liver healthy in a natural way.
  •  Guduchi – Shows Hepatoprotective properties and helps in improving the Immune system.
  •  Kalmegh- Helps in protecting the Liver. It has anti-oxidant & Hepatoprotective properties.
  •  Bhringraj- Improves Liver functions.
  •  Punarnava – Acts as a Rejuvenator & shows Hepato-protective properties.
Category: Ayurveda


LIV-HERBS is a herbal formula that is designed to support the liver with its antioxidant properties. It is formulated to support normal liver regeneration after toxic exposure. It is known as an excellent herb for the liver and for its ability to maintain liver cells and support the flow of bile.
 liver vital organ plays a key role in your body’s digestive system and it also helps in removing the toxins from the body. It creates liquid called bile that helps you break down fat from food. In addition, it stores sugar called glucose, which gives every person a quick energy boost. It disperses the basic supplements to other body parts through the circulation system. Thus, liver care is very much important to live a healthy life. Hence, we developed the best liver support herb.

Dt Gagan Personal Note- “This product is made up of the special herbal combinations for every type of fatty liver. Regular use of this product treats a fatty liver from the roots. Itchy skin, Dark urine, Nausea vomiting Swelling in legs and ankles abdominal pain and swelling. Use it with Liv-Herbs Syrup along with balanced diet and physical activity”


Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume this Product under advice of the healthcare practitioner


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