Six Packs Diet Plan

I have seen many people working out for years to get six packs, still lacking muscle definitions. What I am trying to say is the diet plays the major role while getting shredded . If you follow any random advice to start eating less food in order to get abs , that will result in losing a lot of muscles in the process . Its always suggested to get your body fat percentage to less than 15 % while sustaining or building muscles. Having said that, while losing your fat , you can still build lean muscle with diet strategies.

What are the requirements to join?

We need your commitment and dedication, the results will follow !

Do I need supplements to build muscle?

We recommend to focus on whole foods and the major thing to concentrate on is your total calorie intake along with the distribution of macros. Having said that whey proteins are always there to make things easy and convenient. However, its not necessary if our protein intake in on tact with essential amino acids profile. We do not recommend only protein diets for getting lean as it will damage your metabolism in the long run.

How will I get my diet plans?

After you have completed your profile and enrolled into the service, a phone call will be scheduled within 12-36 hours. Weekly diet plans will be accessible on this website for viewing and download and will also be emailed to you on request. Moreover, Our mentor will be in touch with you throughout the plan from Mon- Fri 10am to 7pm on whatsapp/email to answer your queries asap.

How are your diets like?

We do not believe in unscientific diet plans where you don’t know how much calories/nutrients you are consuming. So, everything is properly planned , each macro nutrient is perfectly calculated according to your basal metabolic rate, fat percentage and other parameters in order to plan a diet according to your requirements… Randoms diets will result in weight loss initially but you’ll lose muscles in the process which is not healthy. Gagan is an award winning “Best dietitian in Chandigarh” and your diet will be planned in such a way your metabolic system is increased simultaneously while losing fat and improving your overall health.

How will you and I know if I am making progress?

This website has been designed specifically for this purpose. You will be able to record your weight and body measurements and monitor your progress very easily in the Trackers section.

o I need to exercise along with the diet ?

Yes, Understand that abs are also muscles so we need to train them along with other exercises to get sixpacks !

Do you guarantee ?

Dear friend, we are not selling a product. It's something you have to guarantee yourself that you will be committed to the diet plan along with exercise.

ow can I contact you if I have any queries or if I want to change something in the diet plans?

Whatsapp, phone or email support will be available between 10am to 7pm Mon to Fri Have queries before you join? Call 0172-4345123, 8427578939 and my team would love to assist you in any matter.

How much it costs and how to pay?

Package prices are listed at the top. If you are on a phone or a tab, please scroll back to the top and select 'Packages' to see the available packages and pricing details. Note that all prices mentioned are inclusive of service taxes. You can pay online using any debit/credit card, net banking or bank transfer. If you are outside India, please select Paypal during payment process.
Your phone consultation appointment will be scheduled within 24-48 hours of receiving the payment and you will receive an automated SMS and email with confirmation. Your 1st diet plan (with all instructions) will be accessible to you on the e-Clinic website and emailed to you as well usually within 12 hours of your phone consultation.
Note : due to the nature of services provided, no refund is provided, under any circumstances.

Diet Plans:

6 Month

14000 INR

Diet Plans with Exercises:

3 Month

13500 INR

6 Month

22000 INR

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