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gagan fitness

Weight Loss Program

A personalized Diet and Home workout design assuring you to achieve your target and maintain a fit and healthy body life time.

Therapetic Case

Therapeutic Program

Medical Diet program for reversing lifestyle diseases such as PCOD, Hypothyroid, High BP and other disorders, along with weight loss.

Family Image

Family Program

A perfect combination that will make a complete change in your and families lifestyle , makes you and your feel lively every day.

Our Programs

Program Inclusions
All Diets are made by Cheif Dt. Gagan
  • Assigning a Dietitian

    Dietitians assigned to work with you patiently

  • Detox Diet

    Diet that helps to remove the detox from your body

  • Customized Diet Plans

    Personalizing the Diets that suits your life style.

  • Body Analysis

    Analyzing your body to understand the changes.

  • Customized Exercise Program

    Workout that burns your maximum calories

  • Weekly Follow-up

    Weekly interactions with your dietitians.

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Eat less get fat

Eat less get fat

Have you ever heard that eating less can make you fat? No it’s not a joke. As per DietitianGagan, “all diets work and all diet fail”. Everyone is so eager to weight and running behind in the search of healthy diets.

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A Journey from 96 kg to 69 kg

Patient review regarding PCOD

Success Stories

Profile Detail

Name: Jasleen Kaur

Medical Issue: Nil

Location: Mohali

Weight Loss: 4.2 Kgs

Overall Inch Lose: 4''


Profile Detail

Name: Sandeep Kaur

Medical Issue Nil

Location: Mohali

Weight Loss: 9 Kgs

Overall Inch Lose: 6''

diet result

Profile Detail

Name: Harpreet Kaur

Medical Issue Metabolism Damage

Location: Mohali

Weight Loss: 5 Kgs

Overall Inch Lose: 5''

diet result

Profile Detail

Name: Parul

Medical Issue Nil

Location: Online Plan

Weight Loss: 6 Kgs

Overall Inch Lose: 4''