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1.Diet Plans : Whether you are looking to LOSE WEIGHT or suffering from PCOD, THYROID, CHOLESTEROL, ARTHIRITIS, HYPERTENSION, DIABETES, HYPERURICEMIA, METABOLIC BOOSTING DIETS, SKIN RELATED ISSUES or any other problem, our diet plan will make you feel healthy, disease free and fit from inside out and least chances of relapse. The diet plans are customized and personalized by Dietitian Gagan Sidhu according to your lifestyle, eating habits, climate, location considering your medical/physical conditions so it becomes really easy for you to follow the plans.


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2.Exercises/Home workout plans : Dietitian Gagan is the only dietitian who has been awarded as the Best Fitness Expert in Punjab! So along with the diet plans exercises are also equally important to improve your overall health, build strength, increase insulin sensitivity and most importantly exercise can prevent almost all the diseases ! You don’t need to join gyms as our exercises includes home workouts so you won’t get dependent on equipment. We got more than 1000 workouts and all natural body weight exercises including Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Plyometrics, HICT customized according to your body type in order to achieve the target. We believe in work smart theory and not just punishing yourself 2 hours in the gym.We have therapeutic exercises as well for those who are suffering with knee pain, shoulder pain, cervical, back pain. Exercises videos will be sent to you every 7-10 days after seeing your progress.

3. Skin Treatments (This service is only available on clinic visit and not online). We are using the latest skin aesthetics equipment. Following are the treatments available in our clinics in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Kharar.

1. Blemishes
2. Pigmentation
3. Skin whitening
4. Anti ageing
5. Double Chin Removal
6. Instant Party Glow
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Diet Plans:

6 Month

14000 INR

Diet Plans with Exercises:

3 Month

13500 INR

6 Month

22000 INR



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