How Exercise Helps During Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy used to treat numerous diseases along with it; it gives rise to certain side effects too. Fatigue, pain, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, mucositis, diarrhea, nausea, vomitting, alopecia, hearing impairment depression, loss of appetite and cognitive problems are the common side effects of chemotherapy.

To overcome these uncomfortable feelings one can go for regular physical activity so, that the patients can enjoy more years of hale and hearty life. Exercise helps in restoring immune system which is damaged by anti- cancer drugs. Main aim behind indulging in exercise is to keep the circulation going due to which muscle mass is improved leading to stable balance and walking speed, leg strength, and joint flexibility. Moreover exercise also reduces fatigue levels to 40-50%.It leaves a rejuvenating effect, mood is elevated, improvement of cardiovascular functions. Firstly light exercises should be practiced. Aerobic activities like jogging, walking, little running and general stretching can be done to overcome the side effects of chemotherapy.

Adding on, toxicity levels can also be decreased by performing exercises. Risk of sub sequential re- occurring/ death is also low in those patients who remained cancer free six months after chemotherapy. According to Gagan, ” Patients suffering from breast cancer can have higher chances of recurrence due to anemia”, so exercises should be started at initial stages. It has to borne in mind that it is about getting up and moving and taking the initiative for one’s own welfare .Let one be self centered. So, stop ditching the exercise part and start performing. One can gradually build up strength and can go for the activities which gives you pleasure.


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