Post Preganancy


Pregnancy has surely given you a wonderful gift you waited for nine long months – your little one; it also gave you something you may not be as fond of i.e. your additional pregnancy weight. Being with your little toddler, you must be ready to lead a fast paced life of a mommy; you have to think of lot more things like when to feed her, what to do if she cries and most importantly how to shed those extra kilos. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal and you will lose that naturally with time. Do not get hyper if you see celebrities getting back to size zero immediately after delivery, as they might be doing it the wrong way that would harm their body in the future. The new mothers need to be patient to lose the kilos they have gained during nine months as it will take at least same time to get rid of them.

Watch out your plate– When you are a new mother you need to be extra careful about the food you eat. Do not skip meals in order to lose weight. This will give reverse effect. Make sure your diet is balanced and healthy. Add up nutrients and cut on fats from your meals. There are foods like milk, yogurt, salmon fish, oatmeal, and fruits etc. which are regarded as “super foods” that aid weight loss along with supplying all essential nutrients to your body.
Breast feeding – It is very important to breast feed your baby as it will help in boosting the baby’s immunity and provide other health benefits to the little one. As per the dietitians, breastfeeding your child will help you to get the pre-baby weight back. Just don’t use it as an excuse to eat more as it will make you feel hungrier than normal. Choose healthy snacking options to fulfill the nutrition requirement of the body.
Keep Yourself Hydrated – Drink ample amount of water to boost up your metabolism. Also, if you drink 1-2 glasses of water before having your meal, you will eat only the amount that is required instead of over stuffing yourself with the food.
Move it, dear mom – Start exercising after taking rest of 6-8 weeks post-delivery as advised by your doctor. Start with walk and move to aerobics and strength exercises soon. You can add 10 minutes every day to get into a proper workout regime. Exercise will not only help to shed the weight, but will be a role player in coping up the stress you are facing in this new face of your life.
Cut out caffeine and alcohol – yes we all need a hot cup of cup to fight off the sleep and exhaustion we are facing. But it will not help in losing weight. Also even if you have stopped breast feeding, do not consume alcohol. If you feel tired and want to relax, just choose a cup of green tea.
Dear moms, you are in a new phase of life and it might be difficult for you to manage the baby along with your routine and then taking out time for work out. But all you need is to be motivated and keep up doing, what you have started. You will surely get the results.

Gagan fitness studio wishes you a great motherhood! Before you move ahead, lose weight instead of losing confidence!


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