How to Reverse Thyroid & PCOS Obesity


Lifestyle illnesses or diseases are defined as illnesses related to the way folks live their life. These are common as a result of alcohol, drug, and smoking abuse as well as lack physical interest and unhealthy eating. PCOS/PCOD, Thyroid, Coronary heart disorder, stroke, obesity, and type II diabetes are major lifestyle disorders.
These are not diseases, explains, Dietitian Gagan. These are the results of a bad lifestyle. Many people suffer from such kind of diseases and lands into trouble. PCOS/PCOD is one of the common disorders which is becoming common these days. Same is the story of other serious disorders like thyroid and obesity. Instead of waiting and spoiling the disease up to the next level it’s better to cure them without medication. Non-pharmacological treatment is the one the best approach to get rid of these diseases. Dietitian Gagan has treated many clients involving such scenario and successfully seen the results without any use of medicine. There are simple and powerful tips with which you can treat these diseases effectively. The term reversal will be apt as these are not exactly diseases but a state which is making you uncomfortable due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Dietitian Gagan is working hard to find out the solutions for the reversal of lifestyle diseases and providing customized diet plan for PCOS/PCOD. She has cured many clients without medicine. Many of the ladies who were unable to find any solution to PCOS/PCOD finally got rid of it by following Dt.Gagan’s Consultation.
Check out facebook for more details about PCOS .Recent study published by PGI doctors suggested that taking pro biotics in PCOS also helps in improving the condition.
Symptoms Of PCOS :
1. Facial Hair Growth
2. Weight Gain
3. Sweet cravings
4. Missed periods
5. Mood swings
6. Manly voice

The only way to reverse PCOD/PCOS, Obesity and Thyroid is Lifestyle change with a planned diet and who else can provide you The best diet plan for PCOD than Dietitian Gagan who is a Specialized in PCOS diet plan !

1. The plate full of nutrients- Your diet should be on track. A perfect ratio of micro and macronutrient makes it perfect. Macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins play a major role. While processed carbohydrate like white sugar, refined flours, sweets need to be restricted and lean protein like eggs, lentils, chicken breast, is a good food in PCOS and fats to be taken in a moderate quantity. Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are also an integral part of the diet. Each and every component is important in a way or other. Crash diets often lead to serious troubles in long runs.

2. Get indulged into home cooked food- Extra sugar food and packed food leads to insulin resistance. In a simple sense, packed food means an invitation to PCOS and diabetes. Processed food makes the digestive system overloaded and leads to deposition of fats into the body. Do you want an extra unhealthy layer on your skin? There is nothing best than home cooked food since it’s hygienic and fresh. If you want to get rid of lifestyle disorders, say no to packed food.

3. Exercise- Irrespective of body type whether its thin or fat, exercise is equally important for healthy leaving. Starting your day with exercise or aerobics will surely double your energy. Exercise kicks out the bad toxins out of your body. It’s a feast for your body cells. They breathe! Start your regimen today and stay away from obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Here’s the best exercises you can do

4. Sleep- Sleep is the most important thing which is deprived of everyone’s life. A good sleep will not make you lazy. It will make you healthy. Sleep is the healing process of your body. We usually involve ourselves in late night movies, cell phones, and many more things. When there is a call of the body to sleep, don’t drag you. There are Special hormones which induce sleep. A good sleep will keep your metabolism right and body and mind in sync.

5. Stress/meditation- Have a tap on your stress levels. Detach yourself mentally. Go out and involve yourself in some activity. Exercise again is the best option. A long walk will help you to release happy hormones. A stress-free life retards your aging and keeps you young and energetic. Try it today.

Best Foods for PCOS : Fennel , Cumin , Turmeric, Tulsi , Garlic, Ginger, eggs
Worst Foods for PCOS : Sugar, soda, milk, cookies, processed and packed foods
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