Gagan is into healthcare industry for many years and working hard to get the best health regimen for her clients. “Everyone has a curiosity about what is more effective- a better diet of good exercise?” tells Gagan. According to her people wants to lose weight but don’t want to put in some effort. They want they should have some magical thing which can steal their weight. Usually, there is a myth in everyone’s mind that, having a good diet will help in reducing weight. Yes, it’s right to some extent. It’s right when your target is short! Why exercise is much important with a diet than a diet alone.

  • Diet can restrict the calories but exercise helps it shed them off.
  • Exercise helps in making metabolism faster
  • Exercise helps in faster turnover to fats
  • With diet and exercise, there is a lesser chance of nutrition-deficient
  • Exercise energies the all the body cells.
  • Diet only works in calorie intake, while exercise helps in maintaining all the body systems.
  • Aerobic exercises always make the mind and sense sharp with oxygen supply.
  • Diabetes, hypertension and other body statics remain in control with exercise.


The war between diet and exercise for weight loss will never come to an end since both of them are important, but fitness trainers and health experts like Gagan, are working on a combination of both of them rather working on good diet alone. A client of Gagan fitness & Diet Expert has shown great results by following this regimen approach. Almost all clients have gained good muscle mass and toned their body.

In a nutshell, people who are an enthusiast to be fit and healthy, only working on a diet is not that effective as compared to the combination of diet and exercise.

There are huge chances of relapse if you closely work only on a diet since there is more of weight loss. But when a person works on a good diet and exercise, always results in the effective fat loss which lasts for a longer time.