Being a fitness expert, it tough to say what is right or ideal

diet. Since there are multiple things which govern your health and other body processes, everyone should have one’s own schedule and set dietary plans. Still, if we try to figure out there are still some common guidelines and ethics of nutrition which everyone should follow. An ideal diet should have both immediate as well as long-term benefits when it comes to the health concern.

The ideal diet contains:

  • Fats

The fats are required for the normal nutrition and better functioning of the liver as well as kidney. The problem behind the fat intake is its quantity. Over fried things and cuisines will bad cholesterol is bad. Otherwise, the body needs fats equally as it needs other parts of diets. Animal fats like desi ghee, cream, butter, milk if taken in the right amount can be helpful. Olive oils, coconut oils and mustard oils can be a savior. Refined vegetable oils are unhealthy. The high amount of peanuts can be unhealthy too.

  • Carbs

The carbs are the powerhouse which gives you instant energy. Get into good carbs which are easy to digest and happy for tummy as well. Brown rice, brown bread, barley, oats, Chia seeds, vegetables are always good for health. Process or highly refined flours like maida can make you sick. Always stick to a rule- Not all carbs are good. Ask your dietitian today!

  • Proteins

Proteins maintain your metabolism. Proteins are the building blocks and help in gaining muscle weight. More muscles, more strength. A chicken portion, soya bean, milk, cheese are the best source of proteins. How about taking a bowl full of sprout salad? Next time have a broccoli soup to hit your carvings. Say no to butter and have peanut butter on a toast. That will surely revive your taste buds.

Apart from these three basic ingredients, have legumes in your diet. You can’t skip probiotics from your ideal meal plan too.

Always go for boiled veggies than the fried ones. There is always a way out for the healthy eating when you are out too. Always carry a pack of green tea when you are on the move. It will not only subside your hunger but give you a punch of antioxidants as well.

In a nutshell, there is nothing to skip, there is nothing to add to your meal. There is nothing ideal too when it comes to the good health. The answers to all the questions lie with your dietitian. Since diet is also a science which contains a huge research. See your dietitian today, who will surely help to find your ideal meal.