When you have diabetes, there’s a lot of emphasis on controlling your blood sugar levels. And just
as important and you should pay attention to cardiovascular, kidney and visual health as well.
Usually, we keep a check on the blood glucose levels and feel that if the glucose levels are fine,
the diabetes is controlled. But no! it’s just a marker. The level of glucose doesn’t reflect the state
of the disease.

“Your blood sugar is important, but these other factors are what kill people or cause a significant
reduction in quality of life,” says Nutritionist Gagan.

The disease called diabetes mellitus is a state when the cells of the body, which are distributed
among the whole sections, tend to get resisted to insulin. The glucose in them in not metabolized
into energy and get accommodated as fats. The usual practice, what we do is putting up the load on the cells with the anti-diabetic medications which is already loaded with glucose levels. Sugar level may get normalized in the blood but the glucose levels in the cells stay high and make them damaged. This results in the cellular overload and death of the cells leading to Stroke, heart disease, kidney disease vision problems and blindness, damage to the feet or legs. The biggest myth that run in our mind is “if the blood glucose levels are fine, the diabetes is incontrol”, which is not otherwise true.

Talking about the treatment or prevention of the disease, Gagan says that food and exercise plays
important role. Diabetes prevention is as basic as eating more healthfully, becoming more
physically active and losing a few extra pounds. It’s never too late to start. Making a few simple
changes in your lifestyle now may help you avoid the serious health complications of diabetes

down the road, such as nerve, kidney and heart damage, Diabetes and exercise go hand in hand,
at least when it comes to managing your diabetes. Exercise can help you improve your blood sugar
control, boost your overall fitness, and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
When it comes to the management of the diabetes, we here are Gagan fitness, never overload
body cells. We try to make them breath with proper diet and exercise. The only idea is to make
them healthy and more sensitive to insulin.

Next time when you check glucometer reading, better think how healthy you are from inside.