International dermatology brand, Sesderma organized event which was held at Akss CInic , Sector 33 , Chandigarh on 17th March. The event was majorly attended by more than 50 ladies who were keen health enthusiasts. In the list of speakers which included renowned doctors and nutritionist, Gagan was one of the speakers who was invited to talk on health, fitness, diet and overall wellbeing. Gagan who has been running her fitness studios in tricity under the name of Gagan fitness studio shared her experience on nutrition and exercise and overall health. While talking on the topics she showcased her success stories of her clients and her efforts to make each on healthy. She told she was been working hard to design her own fitness regimen which are available for the people of all the age group. She applauded the dedication of the clients who are taking the classes through online means.

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There was huge fun, bhangra, Zumba and lectures flooded with health and lifestyle topics which increased the gusto at the event. Each one who attended the session took a handful of knowledge back. “We thoroughly enjoyed the show and found each of the activity interesting”, said one delegate.

In the post-session talk, Gagan told that she is really happy to see the enthusiasm of the ladies for the health and fitness. She told that she will be launching her new fitness programs very soon which will be helping the females who are suffering from diseases associated with obesity and overweight and will eradicate the disease by exercise and physical activities.