Easiest Things To Burst Stress


Reasons you can be under stress!

Someone’s tension could be someone’s adventure is rightly said when we talk about the term stress. There is no evidence of the things that cause stress. We think we are going through illness or behavioral changes but the culprit is STRESS. You may notice the symptoms of stress while managing working at office, stuck in traffic, not well dressed in a party or in your relationship. The conditions of being in stress vary from person to person and a little stress is OK but the chronic stress is really harmful for the overall health of your body.

There are many symptoms which should be alarming you about the stress:

  1. Memory Loss – “I usually forgets where I have kept my things or what tasks were scheduled for me today” if these are your common answers; you might be under stress.
  2. Obesity – Stress and weight gain goes hand in hand. When you are in stress, you surely eat more. Chocolates and Ice cream are often associated as stress relieving foods as they release happy hormones and make you feel better, along with adding extra kilos to your body.
  3. Insomnia – Sleep and stress are linked through a vicious cycle. The person under stress cannot have a sound sleep at night as his mind could not take rest and on the other hand lack of sleep worsens the stress level and depression leading to cardiac issues and a weak immune system.
  4. Hair Loss – Thinning or fall of hair is the most common and immediate effect of stress. The psychological factors like anxiety, depression and stress cause the loss of hair. this is not permanent though.
  5. Chronic Diseases – Our lifestyle is the major reason leading to stress and that in turn ruins the health. Most serious diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks etc. all have the common reason i.e. STRESS.

Other common stress symptoms are: headache, change in sex drive, lack of concentration, social withdrawal, addiction to alcohol or drugs etc. Stress does require treatment but it’s not a treatment in a literal sense. One can de-stress by making positive changes in the lifestyle.

  1. Share Your Feelings with someone you feel close to. Communication gap is the major reason, you start feeling lonely and depressed. Take out time for your friends and family & it will boost your emotional well being.
  2. Pursue Your Hobby so that you can reimburse the happiness you have lost while suffering from stress. It will release happy hormones and you will smile more often. Even the science says, laughter is the best medicine. So trust that!
  3. Pamper Yourself by booking for an aroma therapy or hot oil body massage or Sauna bath as all these can reduce your stress levels in minutes. if you are working hard and too busy in handling the household cores, you will definitely get stress at a certain point. So, take a small break for just yourself and just RELAX!

Workouts for at least 30 minute a day and get a break from the stress. Regular exercise helps the brain to deal with stress by releasing neuro chemicals to respond more appropriately. Also, exercise means the body will get physically tired and you can have a sound sleep at the night which is also a stress buster. So, the more your exercise, the more quick and correct your body responds to the stress.

Break from social media for at least a few hours in a day can really connect you to the real world and you can see the happiness in infinite number of small things happening around you. Though social media claims to keep us close to the people around the globe but compulsive checking of notifications and texts to know what is happening in the virtual world is a full time job in itself and has made our life Stressful & slaves of the gadgets.

Last but not the least, eat a healthy and balanced diet as you’re eating habits are directly proportionate to your way of dealing with stress and anxiety. Don’t skip the breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and is responsible for giving you the supply of energy for the whole day. Eat less but in small gaps. Include all kinds of fruits and salads in your meal and detoxify your body after every 15 days.

Your aroma can also help a lot in keeping you happy, relaxed and lively. Use good fragrances and lights around you and don’t forget to play your favorite musical track whenever you get time.


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