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Diabetes Reversal Plan

Dietitian Gagan have done an intensive research on diabetes and found that it is not a chronic disease and can be reversed very easily by changing your food habits and lifestyle. The reason this plan is just for 1 month is, I want to educate you about your food choices and one month is sufficient for this. LEARN , TAKE CHARGE AND HELP OTHERS IN REVERSING THIS DISEASE!

 What are the requirements to join?

We need your commitment and dedication, the results will follow !

How will I get my diet plan?

Visits after every 7-10 days are required at Mohali/Chandigarh Clinic so we can track your progress and make changes in the diet plan accordingly . If at any point you feel you cannot visit , we are providing support remotely.We’ll schedule a phone call weekly and send you the diet plan via email/whatsapp. . If you are looking for online consultation/diet visit our e-clinic www.gaganfitness.zest.md

How are your diets like? 

We do not take it as a short term diet , our diets are planned to change your lifestyle and make you feel healthy from inside out , so eat nutrient is perfectly calculated according to your basal metabolic rate, fat percentage and other parameters in order to plan a diet according to your requirement.. We do not believe in Gm diets, paneer diets, besan diets, bran diets and other Randoms diets which result in weight loss initially but you’ll gain the double amount of weight once you leave the plan.Gagan is an award winning “Best dietitian in Chandigarh” and sports nutritionist and your diet will be planned in such a way your metabolic system is increased simultaneously while losing fat and improving your overall health.

Do I need to exercise along with the diet ?

Yes, our body is meant to do physical tasks/activity so in order to improve your health we need exercise of around 30-40 min/day in form of weight training/body weight workout/HIIT/Yoga/Walk/Cycling. We also have a fitness centre exclusively for  ladies at mohali and chandigarh clinic , so if it suits your routine and lifestyle you can join us for exercises too. Moreover, we are providing home workout plans with videos ! That’s right .. we have a solution to all your problems!

How can I contact you if I have any queries or if I want to change something in the diet plans?

Whatsapp, phone or email support will be available between 10am to 8pm Mon to Sat

Have queries before you join? Call 0172-4345123, 8427578939 and my team would love to assist you in any matter.

How can I join?

Click HERE for to see your consultation options and contact information.

How much it costs and how to pay?

Click HERE for to see pricing and contact information.