House wives have no holiday, no sick leave and no backups! Are you the one? A typical routine that starts with right early in the morning making bed tea followed by breakfast and then lunch for kids and spouse. The day proceeds with unhealthy breakfast that is usually finished in big gulps, because there are huge tasks which are waiting for you. Next is doing household chores, with some oily snacking. TV soaps start when you feel like a bit tired and lay in front of TV. Then you make lunch for the family people. Usually, a prolonged fasting, then a late lunch in afternoon is very common. Then you get a “we” time with friends over a heavy snacks. Then, tea with spouse followed by a heavy dinner. Some sweet tooth ladies are fond of late night supper too. But have you ever thought that how stressful your routine is? Have you ever thought that how much you are taking care of your diet regimen? Where is your health and fitness? It’s a big no in many cases. A typical middle class house wife or ladies living in nuclear families rarely get time and are majorly affected. Check out how to healthy and fit, if you are house wife.

Gagan’s tips for house wives to lead a healthy lifestyle:

  • Impart your time for fitness. You cannot get fit at home by just thinking. It’s very tough; since you are psychology bound your daily regimen. Join fitness classes or start doing exercise with any of your friend. A dedicated time is always a good way out to be regular.
  • Don’t skip meals- Usually we feel that skipping meal is the best way to get fit. It’s not. Ask fitness expert that how you can get healthy nutrition. Don’t try anything of your own. Always consult.
  • Small Meals- Don’t take meals as a task. We think since we are busy, let’s have a heavy food once. Since you are always at home, get smaller meals but frequent one.
  • Hunger Pranks management- Keep some healthy salads, snacks handy. On the move in the house you can have it. Don’t have carbonated water like colas. You can curd, skimmed milk, lassi and smoothies.
  • Use stairs- Housewives usually living in societies have frequent movements in societies. Use stairs when you move. Avoid lifts.
  • Yoga- Do yoga with your other housewives pals. Make it a routine. It helps in stress management.
  • Don’t cheat- A small handful of sweets or chips can get you gain weight. Don’t thing it won’t make any difference. Stick to healthy diet.


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